Effortless Wordpress Solutions That Can Save The Day

If you have a WordPress blog or website, WordPress security must be an issue for you. I'm sure you must have heard about hackers attacking blogs and websites of other people. The damage done by them can be enormous, especially when the particular blog was high page ranked, displaying high in search engines and profitable. It is not the only type of websites attacked by hackers. The reasoning behind their acts can't be explained as logical. They will destroy it for fun. I know stories of people who one day, instead of their website saw a short note informing them that their website has been blocked by Google due to the thread it carries to other internet users. It was a result of hacker attack, who made changes to the website.

Installing the rename your login url to secure your wordpress website Scan plugin will check all this for you, and alert you that you may have missed. It will also inform you that a user named"admin" exists. That is the administrative user name. You can follow a link and find directions if you desire. I believe that there is a password good security, and since I followed those steps, there have been no successful attacks on the numerous blogs that I run.

Truth is, if a competent master of the script targets your own site, there is no way to prevent an intrusion. Everything you are about to read below are some actions you can take to minimize the threat. If your WordPress site is protected odds are a hacker would prefer choosing another, easier victim.

Move your wp-config.php file up one directory from the WordPress root. WordPress will search for it there if it can't be found in the main directory. Also, nobody else will have the ability to read the document unless they have SSH or FTP access.

Can you see that folder, what if you visit WP-Content/plugins? If so, upload this blank Index.html file into that folder as well so people can not view what plugins you have. Someone can use this to get access because even if your version of WordPress is up to date, if you are using a plugin or an old plugin using a security hole.

You do not always consider needing security when your website is new but you do need to protect your investment and yourself. Having a site go down and not having the ability to restore it quickly may mean a major loss of consumers who won't remember to search for your website again later and can not find you. Do not let that happen published here to you. Back up your site after you get it started, as the website is operational and schedule regular backups for as long. This way, you'll have WordPress security and peace of mind.

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